What to expect

  • Watch this video to see what a Little Belters rehearsal actually looks like!

    You might find it useful to know…
    • Each one-hour rehearsal is broken down into ten minute sections to keep lessons dynamic and engaging.
    • Every week we focus on a different aspect of singing and developing the voice, but we do this in a fun, lively way that the children always enjoy.
    • As well as working on songs for performances, we learn warm-up songs and exercises.
    • We use drama and team-games as a way of building confidence and friendships.
    • WE DON’T USE LYRIC SHEETS! You can download lyrics and guide vocals from the members’ area of our website so that the children can practice at home if they want to, but we don’t use them in our rehearsals.
    • Children can wear whatever they like to a Little Belters session as long as they are comfortable
    • Children can bring a drink to rehearsals but we don’t allow children to bring food into the rehearsal room
    • We prefer it if parent/carers don’t stay in the room for taster sessions as this is un-nerving for the whole group, but if a child is particularly anxious we do allow parents/carers to stay with them
    • During a rehearsal, parents/carers can either wait in the waiting area outside the rehearsal room or they can drop their child and collect them an hour later
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