Who are we?

About Little Belters
  • Who are we?

    Once, if you had a child that simply loved to sing, you could either pay for costly 1-2-1 singing lessons or take them to audition for a traditional, formal children’s choir………not any more

    At Little Belters, we firmly believe that singing should be open to everyone and our teaching methods ensure high performance standards regardless of entry-level ability.

    We want to provide local children with access to high quality choral and vocal training on their doorstep, without putting them through a daunting audition process

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  • We focus on:

    • Teaching sound vocal technique.
    • Developing happy and confident performers.
    • Delivering a varied repertoire that captures children’s imaginations.
    • Providing a safe and exciting environment where children can socialise with others who share a love of singing.
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