Teens & Tiny Belters

Sessions for all ages
  • Teen Belters

    Teen Belters is a group-singing programme for children aged 11-16 years. Continuing the Little Belters philosophy, we work with our members week by week to develop their voices and help them to grow as singers in a safe way. We do this using our usual mix of high-energy fun and games and by exploring music that young people feel is relevant to them.

    Rehearsals are open to any 11-16 year old who enjoys singing. There’s NO audition. Rehearsals are held at The Hub in Altrincham every Tuesday evening from 6.30-7.30pm and members come from across Trafford and Cheshire.

    Young people can join at any time of year and get a free taster session. The cost is £6.50 per youngster per one-hour session, spread over 12 months and payable by a monthly direct debit of £21. You can sign up via the How to Join page.

    Visit the Our Choirs / Teens page to book your free taster session or email Teens@littlebelters.co.uk for more information.

  • Tiny Belters

    Tiny Belters is a new programme being developed by the Little Belters team which will be delivered to pre-school children in nursery and pre-school settings across Greater Manchester and North Cheshire.

    We are working with Early Years education providers to develop and pilot our programme which will take the Little Belters philosophy and concepts and adapt them to work meet EYFS requirements.

    If you manage or work in a nursery or pre-school and would like to discuss how the Tiny Belters programme please contact Claire or Tina at hello@littlebelters.co.uk